Cross Stitch and Embroidery

Treefox, various orginal cross stitchs, $10-$22,

Cross stitch and embroidery seems to making a huge comeback. Maybe as the economy continues down into the total shitter the trend towards handmade goods will continue. I know I will spending a lot more time at home; baking, gardening, and making crafts. Maybe cross stitch would be something fun to pick up? Here are just a few of my favorite cross stitch artists above and below.

chez sucre chez, custom monogrammed towel, $18

chez sucre chez, custom letter cross stitch, $43, ChezSucreChez’s shop

squirrel silhouette cross-stitch pattern and kit, $16, ChezSucreChez’s shop.

Chez Sucre Chez, set of four letters spelling love, $80, ChezSucreChez’s shop.

various wall wear pieces, about $45-$75 each, neawear

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Electro Magnetic Spectrum Chart


My boyfriend sent this over because he knows I have a thing for color charts. The chart is a electro magnetic spectrum. All the light that we can see with our eyes exist in the wide band between infrared and ultraviolet. It’s practically nothing. Click on the image to view larger. Super cool.

p.s. the image came from here.

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