Martha Stewart’s Bakers Twine

I’ve been looking for some red and white baker’s twine to hang my macaroni snowflakes. I came across Martha Stewart’s version available at mass market craft store, Michael’s. Price doesn’t seem bad? Sold as a set of six for $4.

p.s. if anyone lives in the boston area do you remember when modern pastry had the spool of baker’s twine that came out of the ceiling to wrap the pastry boxes? Loved that.

Modern Pastry in Boston's North End

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  1. These look so sweet! I agree with nkp about if you want to use a lot. Then, it's pretty expensive. Otherwise for presents or something, it look pretty nice.


  2. I have these, bought them last year on clearance after holiday. They are cute and useful, but so very tiny. Not really such a great deal if it's something you want on hand for multiple uses. But the colors are sweet.


  3. Mike's Pastry still uses the twine rolls hung from the ceiling – blue and white. Though that's not enough of a reason to choose Mike's over Modern for me.

    PS love your blog.


  4. I hear ya guys on michaels being scary. I'm not sure I've ever even been to one? But I live in the burbs now so that's what I do!

    I was spoiled working in ny where I could find all these things so much easier.

    I like erin's source! Exactly what I was looking for! Sorry martha.


  5. Ha, I've been wanting a big spool of baker's twine, too. I agree w/ Erin about getting a huge roll, but the multi-colored Martha ones would be fun, as well. I have to admit, Michael's scares me but whenever I'm in the suburbs and am near one (ok, basically whenever I go to Costco) I stop and check for sales on the truly fabulous MS stuff, as well as the $1 ribbon bins. I have gotten some really great ribbon there for .50 to $1 a spool, and the MS stuff is really lovely.

    I want to phase out patterned gift wrap and just use brown or white paper w/ twine or my fun colored ribbons.


  6. I remember something like that at the bakery here…before they discovered tape that makes the boxes impossible to open.