Lindsay Pemberton: Tea Cup Bangles

Honestly, I can’t think of anything sweeter then a tea cup bangle designed by Lindsay Pemberton! Linday finds old teacups at thrift stores and then slices the cups using a diamond cutter to create these lovely bangles. Prices range from $65-$120 on So clever Lindsay!

(via tea for joy)

p.s. if you love these…do you know the work of Gesine Hackenburg?

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  1. How gorgeous are those?? And how fast would I slit my own wrists by smashing my arm against a random doorway or table edge the first time I wore one? lol


  2. Cool idea. Am scared of breaking them, though, as I have small wrists and therefore tend to hurl bangles around at random. But I love the colors!


  3. That is a more elegant idea than making mosaics out of old teacups.
    Just beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.