I Took Down The Christmas Tree

Ornaments off the Tree

The holidays are officially over. I took down the tree and dragged it outside. Now all I have to do is pack up all these decorations. Can I do that tomorrow? The putting up part is so much more fun then the taking down part.

Ornaments off the Tree
Ornaments off the Tree

The Christmas Tree Coming Down

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  1. Oi, we did the same last night… Such a drag, and I had the bright idea to pack everything into a big tupperware tub we had in our attic crawl space (reached by a rickety dead-vertical ladder). Once it was full I realized I can't possibly lift it over my head to pass to my husband in the crawl space. Sigh.


  2. The painting is by me. I use to paint. Then I got lazy. Don't worry it's one my resolutions.

    1-stop being lazy and paint again.
    2- stop being lazy and work out again.
    3-stop being lazy and learn how sew.

    You sense a pattern? Basically 2009 has a theme of not being so lazy.