English Cottage Inspiration from The Holiday

With the holidays over we are back to the house renovation. I guess I should more accurately say, I’m back. Greg has been hard at work dealing with frozen pipes and sagging floors. I need to get my butt in gear and finish stripping the paint in our living room.

I would love our room to feel as cozy as this living room from the movie, “The Holiday“. The mix of patterns and muted hues is perfect and unfussy. We so need that ottoman! I am eyeing the bookshelves in the room below. I could so imagine them in our little side room off the living room. How I love that rug too!

p.s. the house was designed by James Radin

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  1. The one in the bottom photo? I have to look around. But I was thinking I saw something like it at Lee Industries? Let me look.

    Any else have any ideas?


  2. Katy, do you (or anyone else) have any idea where that fabulous low, cream chair is from?