Captain Mugford Script Ideas

When I left New York and moved to Marblehead this past fall my first plan was to open a store. However, with the economy being in a total shitter opening a store full of objects people don’t really need seemed like a bad idea. I hope eventually I will open the store either online or brick and mortar. I was thinking about calling it, “Captain Mugford”. We live on Mugford street and Captain Mugford is a pretty famous guy in town. Rumor has it that he lived in our house. I purchased a few urls to go with the store.

So to make a long story short I am eyeing script for a logo. This summer I spotted “sea salt” a restaurant that closed down in the east village. The lower case letters with circles are retro and fun. They kinda remind me of windows on a sailboat. I love the way the script looks on their website. Below is a shot of a new line of products from Jamie Oliver designed by Pearlfisher. I love the script on the far right and it even has a boat! At the very bottom is a restaurant that is directly across from sea salt in the new york. I talked about my love for the The Mermaid Inn font before but I thought I would add it here so I have all my ideas together. I guess for now I just keep gathering inspiration…

The Mermaid Inn in the East Village

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  1. I love this idea … and I love it even more in curly, twirly script (although the typewriter-button-y letters are cool, too.)