Blue Ombre Bowls

new bowl from grammy 1.29.09

My grandmother sent me two of these gorgeous blue bowls. They are pretty heavy pottery and the outside has a ombre like finish. There are no markings to give me a clue where they could be from or how old they could be?

blue ombre bowls

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  1. Ask Eddie Ross, he is the king of stuff like this, I bet he knows exactly what they are and the entire history about them. Good luck with the search!


  2. Thanks Stephanie. I think your right. I have a bunch of other yellow ware bowls. Most have stripes. I wasn't sure if these dated to the same time. I thought I remembered seeing a feature in martha about bowls in this ombre glaze? I have to research.

    Thanks guys!


  3. I love them, what a nice grandma!

    Those kind of heavy, very solid bowls are called stoneware, not sure where they could have been made but they look like they could be from the 30's. Beautiful glaze, too!