Blue Door Update!

A pretty blue door from designer Christopher Maya’s portfolio. (via frolic!)

Everyone including my grandmother loved my original post on blue front doors. I’ve found three more blue doors to add to the group!

Interior blue doors. (via Litte Green Notebook)

A blue/gray version featured on a older home in Spain. (via my endless inspiration)

This blue door is from a home in the SW of London.

A gorgeous door that belongs to interior designer Miles Redd.

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  1. I have had a blue door for about 4 years now and I still love it.. Thinking about painting it another color recently though. Maybe emerald green?


  2. Katy: Next time you're in Beacon Hill skip to the corner of West Cedar and Mt. Vernon Streets — there is the most adorable little townhouse with an even more adorable little blue door. It's my second favorite house here (the first is on Lime Street).


  3. Thank you for the link :) I'm glad you like the Spanish door, I think its pretty great myself!