Snowy Weekend!

Snow Storm Saturday AM

All weekend long it snowed here in Marblehead. We awoke Saturday morning to our pipes frozen and about a foot of snow on the ground. Most of the morning we spent shoveling, pushing cars out, and relaxing with cinnamon buns at our local coffee shop. Eventually the ice melted in the pipes and we were able to take warm showers. Most of our neighbors grumbled about the snow while we happily shoveled and took pictures too. Just one door down from us is the local elementary school. The kids enjoyed the snow by sledding down the small little hill while the adults set up a jump over the picnic table!

Our House after the snow storm and shoveled

Kids Sledding at Elementary School

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  1. I love your home, and look forward to following your wonderful blog!

    The Lettered Cottage


  2. I just found you and am following the renovation blog from start. (Thanks for the time I know you'll be saving me!).
    We are doing a renovation blog on our (comparatively young) house as well.

    Dec. 21 was the day we did our final walkthrough and we closed the next morning, so we are brand spankin' new owners.
    Your house is so cute!


  3. I sat down and read your house reno blog from start to finish – which for me is amazing as I'm more of a skimmer, but I was just blown away by your amazing project. I would so dearly love to do what you are doing, but until that day I look forward to living vicariously through your blog – thank you :)


  4. You live in Marblehead! Wow, small world, my family and I lived in Swampscott on Puritan Road and then purchased a home in Marblehead back in 1990. I haven't lived there in a long time (got married, moved to NH) but what a small world. I LOVE M'head.