House Renovation: Wood in Den Stripped

Mantles Stripped of paint

An update on stripping in the den. Hmm that sounds suggestive! We have gotten most of the room done. Honestly, I had no idea it would take us this long. The stripping is a three part process. First, we removed the paint using a large heater, then we went back using a small hand held heat gun to remove more paint, and then the final step is to apply linseed oil, let it dry and then remove all the remaining residue with the heat gun. The final step takes about 2 hours to do 3 feet. We need to finish up the project in the next couple weeks or I might go mad.

The fabric at the bottom was a gift from my sister at Thanksgiving. I love crewel. This piece is totally gorgeous. I am thinking a long pillow to go across the sofa or two pillows.

Long Wall Stripped of Paint

Detail of Moulding Stripped

Front of Room: wood stripped

Crewel Fabric

Crewel Fabric for Pillows

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  1. katy, the walls are so cool! i especially love the vertical notched detail amongst the strong horizontal. i know it’s a tedious process…..but worth the results.


  2. Hi, Katy! I love your site and am so inspired by all the projects you have going and all the fun excursions you take! Your enthusiasm is contagious! I recently painted our main bath with Benjamin Moore’s Salisbury Green. It is a beautiful color, and I followed your advice and used White Dove(you called it “…the perfect offwhite!”)for the ceiling. The Benjamin Moore paint was pricey but easily the best paint I have ever used. Check out their website and look at the Virtual Fan Deck and see what you think. I am holding the swatch to your photo of the fabric and it looks pretty good! Good luck!


  3. Now that I see the room stripped, I think you should consider what Ilse Crawford did at the old belle inn
    these rooms are old and low, yet look really inviting, and light.
    I loved that green, and have seen it done well so I know it can be.You might also love the shots with the blankets
    have fun!


  4. Wow! What work! This is amazing and so inspiring! We are apartment hunting now but I’m afraid we might fail in doing the fixer upper thing. This makes me ponder longer…


  5. We we eventually strip all the paint off the floors in the house. Most of the rooms have the old wide plank floors.


  6. are you planning to have polished floor boards with an area rug in this room?

    Well done on all your hard work, what a mission!