House Renovation: Guest Room

Guest Room: New Bed and Sheets

We have this odd little room we turned into a guest room for our holiday guests. The room is really small and fitting a bed into the space was a challenge. We had a double bed so we decided to just tuck into between the windows and wall. The bed covers the closet which is less then ideal but I don’t know another solution. We have tried every other postition and nothing works. I guess I need to accept that it’s an old house with odd spaces.

I purchased a Jenny Lind bed which I love and some new sheets from Toast. The room is coming together but it definitely needs a lot more love. I have to be patient and keep buying a little at a time. It sucks sometimes to not have an endless budget. Next on the list is some artwork, rug, table, and lighting. Eventually, I would love to add some wallpaper to the room.

Guest Room


Guest Room Bed

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  1. This made me jump – I have the same blossom bolster and ticking bedding from Toast on my bed…

    This house looks amazing, what a project! I've just been sitting here wondering if I would ever have the energy… You're going to feel so proud when it's finished!


  2. Good choice of fabrics for a soft welcoming look, and I like bedrooms with an odd layout – a change from the uniform hotel look. This looks very French.


  3. Hi Katy,

    Just looking through your archives. I love love love this room! Also the stripped wood in the den.


  4. Good old Toast – I LOVE their stuff, didn't realise they were in the U.S too. Love the bed – great purchase.


  5. I think it's fabulous! I would love to be a guest in that little room. The bed looks so cozy and lumpy (in a good way!)


  6. So so cute! I just love this sweet little alcove. The bedding and the Jenny Lind bed are simply perfect together.

    I can just see tucking in for the night with a hot water bottle in a cozy knit cover!