Happy Weekend!

Bean Soup

It’s getting mighty cold outside. We got our first snow storm this week. I’m sure its just the beginning of a long New England winter. This afternoon I made up a quick pot of bean soup with kale to warm us up. We have the Christmas tree set up and I need to finish decorating. Greg helped with the outside decorations this afternoon. I put candlesticks in the front windows, a swag around the front door, and a new Christmas wreath. Now that I see the photo I realize the lights are not even. We were trying to be smart and plug the lights into the light bulb outside rather then running an extension cord under the door. I guess it needs a little more finessing. Have a great weekend!

First Snow Storm in Marblehead

Winter Footsteps

Looking for Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree in the house

Christmas Lights on House

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  1. Your home is picture perfect. What an exciting endeavor to undertake renovating this beauty. Good luck, your blog is lovely!


  2. i love your soup photo~ it is really blustery here in seattle this afternoon – and cold. soup would be perfect!