Felt Ornaments

Ecofriendly Wool and Felt Moustache Stocking, $17, sewsewsuckurtoe’s shop.

I feel into an etsy coma this afternoon looking at felt ornaments after being being inspired by small object’s tree. I came across all of these…some are a bit wacky and others just pretty. Great ideas for a crafty vintage tree.

Polka Dot Felt Bird With Rain Boots, $20, tokyobirds’s shop.

felted wool heart ornaments, $11, lilfishstudios’s shop.

Gold Finch, $20, wilburforce’s shop.

Caroling Felt Angels, $25 for three, Skandinavious’s shop

Spencer the Snowman, $8, RedMarionette’s shop.

Bird and Gingerbread Ornaments, $12.75-$19, lupin’s shop.

Peppermint Twist Inspired Embellished Felt Flower Collection, $5, CarefreeGlimmer’s shop.

Birdcage Ornament, $11 for two, tributary’s shop.

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