2008 Gift Guide: Whales, Octopus, and Fish

2008 Gift Guide: Marine Life Edition

Today’s gift guide incorporates one of my favorite themes: marine life. I can’t get enough of seeing whales, octopus, and fish on t-shirts, pillows, art, and jewelry. Above and below are just a few of my favorites. For more holiday gift ideas click here.

Clockwise from top left: Baby Long Sleeve Tee $24, Magnetic Wood Tongs $40, Spouting Whale Tray $92, Wicked Octopus print $45, Whale Butter Dish $68, Suddenly, it’s Real Whale Chalkboard $44, Lobster Pillow $100, Dolphin Studio Calender $98, Herring Factory Mat $12.50, The Whale and the Halibut cards $15.

p.s. I added a few new pieces I found over the weekend.

Shawn Creeden, Handpainted Journals, $40 each, curiosityshoppeonline.com.

Katrina LaPenne “Anchor Necklace” $80, serimony.com

Our Yellow House, Octopus Hat

Bungalow 360, Whale Tote, $26, kitty-pants.com.

Lauren Wolf, Sea Urchin Silver Bangle, $48.50 each, thisisauto.com.

Affectionate Octopus Cotton Handkerchief, $8, tattoojessica’s shop.

Great Canadian Toque Hat, $32, rain coast studio.

Jumbo Applique Whale Tote, $30, Charlie and Sarah’s Shop.

Biodegradable Paper Cups, $3, kioskkiosk.com.

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  1. What a great round up! Whales have such a great vibe—a little rustic, a little preppy all at the same time. And I love that lobster pillow!

    have a great weekend :)