2008 Gift Guide: Kids Gifts

2008 Gift Guide: Kids Gifts

I have two nieces that love my My Little Pony and tacky pink sparkly things. The two year old just wants, “two pieces of gum” while the 5 year is a little more complicated. Being an aunt without kids can make it hard to shop for presents they will actually like. I feel out of the loop. I hate to fall in the trap of buying them junky plastic presents. Above and below are just a few of my favorites I’ve been checking out. Perfect gifts for the nieces and nephews in your life.

Clockwise from top left: A Farmer’s Alphabet $13.57, Rainbow Tunnel Puzzle $74.98, Felt Owl Purse Kit $29, Cowboy Guitar $25,
Pick A Pair Memory Game $16, Rabbit Lamp $63, Boiled Wool Slipper Boot $39, Elephant Purse $28, Alex Finger Crayons $18, My First Piano $74,
Pirate’s Of The Sea
$100.99, Organic Cotton Long Johns $18, Five For Tea Wooden Doll Set $60.

Kids Neck Cowl, $20, Yunny’s shop.

Animal Rubber Stamps, $25, tinymcsmall.com

the giant suburban bear monster, $35, matteart’s shop

Hand-Crochet Butterflies, $96, oeufnyc.com

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  1. I have a niece and nephew the same ages. This year, both are in a cow-person phase and want chaps. So that's my day tomorrow. Making chaps. Sigh…