Second Thoughts on Green Room

All weekend Greg and I worked really hard stripping the paint off all the woodwork in the den. I feel like it’s going to take a year to get it all done. The process is painstaking! I’ll share more pictures of what we got done tomorrow morning.

While I was slowly cleaning out the cracks and crevices tonight I was having second thoughts on the green walls. I came across the room above which from a hotel in Savannah. I love the green with the white trim. Is it too green?? My green is darker and not so kelly green. I am realizing there is going to be a lot of woodwork that will be painted white in the room. I think a dark green might just be too much of a contrast with so much white. I think I need something lighter like the image below

Paint removed from wood

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  1. you should check out Laura Ashley moss 6 … it is a dark green not too emeraldy or too kelly or too olivey. Pretty close to perfect!!!


  2. Either way, paint is the one of the easiest/cheapest things to change. So if you don't like it you can always change it!! Can't wait to see more pics.


  3. I am just afraid the whole house is going to feel really dark if I start with a dark color. Maybe I will just paint one wall and see how it goes. I'm sharing updated photos on the stripping tomorrow. I need to clean up!



  4. I think you were on the right track picking something dark. I think that if you're painting the woodwork white the dark walls really makes the woodwork stand out. If you paint the walls a light color it has the opposite effect and washes out and competes with the trim. We did our kitchen in a dark latte brown and I was sure it would be too much but with the cabinets and trim it looks great, really sets everything off. Looks great so far! Good luck!