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Old House Parts

Posted on | November 14, 2008 | 1 Comment

Old House Parts Store

I just got back from my $1 hunting madness up in Maine. I have to share my new favorite source before I go out to dinner—Old House Parts in Kennebunk, Maine. A great architectural salvage resource that stocks old doors, knobs, mantels, windows, sinks, and much more. All the of the pieces in the store are incredibly organized which makes it super easy to sort through. Seriously, it will blow you away how neat this place is! Spanning two floors full to the brim with stock you won’t need to go anywhere else. The staff is super knowledgeable and friendly. One of the best resources I have ever discovered! Check out the website: oldhouseparts.com. Above and below are pictures I couldn’t resist taking.

Old House Parts

1 Trackside Drive
Kennebunk, Maine

Old House Parts: Banisters and Spindles

Old House Parts: Door Knobs

Old House Parts: Knobs

Old House Parts: Mantels

Old House Parts: Doors

Old House Parts: Doors

Old House Parts: Keys

Old House Parts: Clawfoot tubs

Old House Parts: Pedestal Sinks

Old House Parts: Marble Sink

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One Response to “Old House Parts”

  1. citysage
    November 15th, 2008 @ 10:54 am

    Wow Katy—this is such an incredible find! I'm going to make a point of going here when I visit my in-laws at Christmas this year! How did you manage to get out of there without buying the whole shop?

    I've been racking my brain for $1 ideas and have come to the conclusion that you are a more creative and stalwart soul than I am for taking on the task :)

    The one thing I did think of, however, is scrapbooking supply shops or the scrapbooking section of stores like Michael's. They have these tiny spools of ribbon in zillions of colors and patterns—-each spool has about two yards of ribbon, and they always cost 99 cents. They're a great way to stock up on fun ribbons without having to buy a huge roll for a huge cost, and they'd be a great addition to a little crafting kit sort of like the haberdashery boxes that
    Lobster and Swan
    does. I looked for these little ribbon spools online but it seems they're such a low ticket item that they're only in stores. But as an example of what I mean, here are the same tiny spools
    sold in a set
    . I also like to stock up on these little ribbons for dressing up baked goods around the holidays…

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!


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