Leaves, Leaves, Everywhere!

Leaves in Front of House

Fall has definitely fallen here. The leaves seems to be coming down as if it was a rainstorm. Yesterday afternoon I raked up the whole front part of the house. I filled about 3 large leaf bags. Greg helped rake up the backyard while I planted some narcissus bulbs for next Spring. Within five minutes he was back with a the rake in one hand the handle in the other. He complained that my rake sucked and it just broke. Hmmm I didn’t have any problems…boys.

Early this morning we had a storm with some pretty high winds. I could hear the trees banging against the house as the sun rose. I popped my head out the front door when I got up to find our whole front walk full of leaves again! Maybe it’s time to invest in a leaf blower or maybe just a better rake?

Leaves that fell last night
Leaves From Bedroom Window
Driveway Full Of Leaves

Wet Leaves

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