Antique Seth Thomas Mantel Clock

Antique Seth Thomas Mantel Clock

My mom brought down this antique Seth Thomas Mantel Clock on her last visit. The clock originally belong to Great Grandmother on my father’s side. I have childhood memories of the clock’s distinctive chimes. The chime is more like a “dong” as if it was radiating from a great cathedral. My mom inherited the clock from my Grandmother after she sold the family farm up in Waterville, Maine. I feel so lucky to now have it in my own home.

I found a very similar clock on ebay last night. The auction says, “The covering on this case is called “adamantine”. Seth Thomas, and only Seth Thomas, used this adamantine on most of their mantle clocks from 1882 to about 1919.” I can’t believe that the clock is that old! To purchase similar clocks try serching “Seth Thomas Mantel Clocks” on ebay.

Side View of Antique Seth Thomas Clock

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