New Finds: Table, Marble Bowl, and Oil Painting


I promised I would share more of my finds that I scored last weekend in Essex, Ma. Above is another oil painting from the White Elephant Outlet Barn. I needed something that would fit above my mantel for the time being. The colors are great find for just $20. Below is my new maple table. I was told the side table was 18th century American. I love the clean lines and simple legs. On top of the table is a marble bowl. Super cool! The color and texture is gorgeous for just $15.



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1 Comment

  1. Hi Katy,
    I've been taking a look at your blog for a while. It's funny, I have a table that is very similar to your new maple table and a bowl that is also very similar. Except it's not marble. My friend made it in his pottery class, using horse hairs!