Jenny Lind Beds

I’ve slowly been looking for a bed for our guest room. The room is really small and can barely hold a double bed. A twin would be better but I rarely have just one guest stay over. Right now, the bed is on the floor because we couldn’t fit the box spring up the stairs. At first, I thought I wanted a bed that was bit more Shaker. Then, I discovered a few more modern versions on Room & Board. I like the large wood headboards and low footboards but they just feel too perfect. What about a Jenny Lind style bed like the one above. They feel rustic and just right for the space. But I’m afraid the footboard would be too high and strange. Maybe it will look more like a day bed?

I was searching ebay last night and found one for just $250. Most old beds are half beds so our modern mattresses never quite fit. I have to measure to see if it could work. My inspiration for the room is below and way below is our sad small guest room complete with heating vents. We’ll talk about the plans for those vents being eliminated later.

Second Floor: Small Room On Right/Guest Room

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  1. I'm undecided on painting it. I want to put a small dresser in the space in black. Maybe I would paint them to match?


  2. Ooh I love that one on ebay! Hope the size works out for you!

    Would you paint it or leave it as is? Black could look cool…but the brown is also surprisingly pleasing!