Fall Leaf Garland


I was thinking about attempting making this leaf garland to around our front door. I checked out the leaves around the house this afternoon and they all seemed pretty dried out. Maybe I could collect enough to make a wreath? The above image is from Martha Stewart Living November 2007. Click on the image above for full instructions on how to make your own falling leaves garland.

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    1. Click on the image so you can get a little better detail. The plant holder was actually from Martha Stewart’s own collection. Sorry, I don’t have any more info.


  1. It's pouring rain today so I might try to attempt the project tomorrow. I'm heading over to the craft store to buy a wire frame for a wreath this afternoon.


  2. That Martha! Always inspiring…would love to see the result if you do end up making the garland! So often I plan to try her projects but worry they won't turn out as well as the ones in the magazine.

    Aw, and there's Paw Paw in the picture too! He was such a cute pup…