Choosing Paint Colors for Den

Green Paint Options

Den Paint Colors at Night

I went to the paint store this afternoon to purchase a few paint samples. I just can’t decide on a green for the den. In the photo above I painted six large samples. I choose the colors from the 20 paper samples I had up on the wall last week. I’m just not sure which green to choose. I kinda want to ditch the whole green idea and maybe go for pinks? I am dreaming of this room designed by Steven Gambrel featured in domino a few years ago . I remember instanly falling in love with the warm color palette. Maybe I should just save the green for another room like the kitchen?

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  1. What kind of tile did you use in your kitchen? I can't seem to find the blank and white in anything but ceramic?


  2. I am having such a hard time choosing. The paint colors look totally different up on the wall. The all look really blue. I think I might have to try more some more options.


  3. Hi Katy! I'm a big fan of your blog!

    I know what you mean about liking the warm color of the living room pictured, but I really like some of the color samples you chose. Starting from the left, the first and second options are particularly lovely, as well as the next to the last one. Any of them would look great with your beautiful moldings.


  4. I did the same thing this weekend–threw up paint samples on the walls of my new house.

    Also, I've been loving the whole apartment Steven Gambrel designed since I saw it in domino!