Annabel Club Chair

We shot this chair for a recent story in domino. I remember seeing it the hall and totally loving it. The shape and color are great. I took a sit almost everytime I walked by. The chair is super comfy and classic. At first I wanted the chair for my living room now I am a little afraid that the fabric might be too dark? In real life the fabric is a bit darker. What does everyone think?
Annabel Club Chair in Corn Flower, $1,313, for info on purchasing.

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  1. I LOVE this chair. I tore it out of Domino and am so glad to see that you listed the source. I didn't see it in the mag. Price is right also.


  2. Ooh LOVE it. It combines two of my favourite things: the color grey and weathered wood. It's both refined and raw at the same time. And I definitely don't think it's too dark, because the bleached out oak tones lighten it up a lot. Go for it!