The Stove is in!

Stove off the truck

Getting the stove up the stairs and into the kitchen turned out to be quite a project. We had to remove a number of the pieces to clear our 27 inch doorways. The door, front panel, knobs, grates, burners, all had to come off. Lifting it up the stairs was incredibly hard because the stove was still pretty heavy at about 150 pounds. We made it up the stairs and through two doorways with a lot of sweat and patience.

The last door into the kitchen prove to be the hardest. The door was the smallest measuring at 25 inches wide. We had to remove the back panel to make it fit. Getting it though the door required us to pretty much bench press the stove up and over the sink. I can’t believe I actually did it. I guess I really wanted the stove. My arms are still pretty sore today. We got the stove back together on Friday night at around midnight. The whole process took us 4 hours. Crazy! I love the stove but it does look pretty silly in our ghetto kitchen. I’m just glad I can finally cook again.

Trying to get stove through door

Had to take down cabinet for stove

Stove all taken apart

Stove in Kitchen

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