Second Hand Rose Vintage Wallpaper

A Textured Blue Wallpaper at Second Hand Rose

I liked this paper for a bathroom.

Second Hand Rose specializes in original vintage wallpaper patterns. Wallpaper in the attic of the store, represent the world’s largest collection of vintage wallpaper. I went there to scope out some potential vintage wallpapers that would suit my historic house built in 1750. I found a ton of great wallpaper that was super groovy, kitchy, and colorful. I didn’t find so many historic papers that would fit an old house like mine. If I had a more modern house that needed to be infused with some serious character I would head to Second Hand Rose in a heartbeat.

Check out there huge library of wallpaper samples organized into different style portfolios which the staff will happily help you navigate. I had a lot of fun just flipping through the books even though I didn’t find anything for my house. I was intrigued by the girl sitting next to me who was choosing crazy and wild prints. Check out some of my finds above and below. Second Hand Rose has a website that lists just a few wallpapers that have in stock. You have to go to the store to view their entire stock and get the full experience.

Second Hand Rose
230 5th ave
Suite #510
New York, NY
(212) 393-9002

Historic Inspired Wallpaper at Second Hand Rose

Block Print Inspired Wallpaper at Second Hand Rose

Green and Pink Abstract Wallpaper at Second Hand Rose

Saturated English Looking Floral at Second Hand Rose

Vintage Damask at Second Hand Rose
Pretty Pink Leaves Wallpaper at Second Hand Rose

Flower Power Wallpaper at Second Hand Rose

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