Renovation Update: First Floor Bathroom

First Floor Bathroom Gutted

Total gut of the bathroom. It looks pretty in the dark?

A few updates on the progress of the house renovation. It seems everyday we find a new problem or should I say, “project”. These images are from the first floor bathroom. We had to complete gut the bathroom because of water damage coming from three different places. The first problem was the giant root in the pipes that caused the water in toilet to back up. The floor all around the toilet was rot. The second was the tub was not properly sealed and the wall containing the faucets was completely rotted. The third was the roof was badly leaking and had leaked all the way down to the first floor. The bathroom was wet and gross. We had no choice but to pull out everything to the studs and start again.

Greg is now busy shoring up the house in the basement. It seems all that rot could have contributed to some major sagging floors. He is busy installing Lolly columns in the basement to try to aleavate this problem. Once that is done we can work on putting up new walls, floors, and tile the floor. We are thinking about switching the position of the tub and toilet. As of now the tub sits right next to a large window. The large window has some privacy issues and large amounts of water tends to build up on the sill every time someone takes a shower. If we flip flop the tub to to the other side of the room we’ll kill two problems. We just need to figure out if it is possible to do. Check out some photos of the progress above and below.

Bathroom Floor Tiles Removed

Pre-complete demolition

Tub from Bathroom with Bee's Nest on it.

Tub from bathroom with old bee’s nest attached.

All the crap that came out of bathroom

All the junk that came out of the bathroom.

Old Newspaper found in below Bathroom Floorboards

Old newspaper from 1969 found below the floorboards in the bathroom.

Greg fixing roof

Greg fixing the roof above the bathrooms.

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  1. Yes, it's called Briggs on rte 152 in North Attleboro. They have almost every species of annual, perenial, shrub, tree, etc. that you can think of. They've redone the whole thing recently. You should definately check it out!


  2. Thanks Emily! I've heard from my sister the whole house looks gorgeous! I might have to take field trip.
    She keeps telling me about a great garden supply place by your house?


  3. Wow, you've got your work cut out for you! We've done a lot of renovation on our house so we know what you're going through. Let us know if you need any advice. We've redone two bathrooms, the kitchen, the basement (all down to the studs) and converted a three season porch to a family room with an added deck…so far. We're hopefully going to get a website up with all our work soon so maybe you could use it as a reference. Good luck! I'm really enjoying the website–especially the home reno stuff.