Hans Wegner Dining Chairs

Hans Wegner, Wishbone Chair, on sale for $550, karkula.com.

My recent obsession with Hans Wegner’s rope chairs sparked an interest in his dining chairs. Each one is simple and uncomplicated. The chairs represent a simplicity that feels more utilitarian then stark and modern. The uncomplicated lines make it a perfect suitor for nearly any type of interior. I have my eye on the Wishbone Chair above. I’ve seen this chair many times in basic black but this version feels really danish. The colors and textures are warm and appealing. A few of my other favorites below. Check out more: karkula.com.

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J.Crew At The Liquor Store

I have been hearing rumors from all my New York friends about J.Crew’s new men’s store in an old bar. I don’t care so much about the clothes but the styling of the store is amazing! Attributed to Andy Spade—of the Kate Spade mega-prep brand—consulted on the styling of the space. The store oozes old New England waspy charm. I definitely need to invest in some worn antique rugs and various wood pieces. Get the full scoop on the store and check out more images: urbandaddy.com.

J.Crew at The Liquor Store
235 W. Broadway (at White)
New York, NY

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