Old Churches in Marblehead

Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead

I love old churches in New England. I don’t really like going to church but I can still enjoy the architecture and history of these sacred spaces. Here are a just few that are within a few blocks of my new house. My favorite is the Unitarian Universalist Church above. All summer long the church hosts a summer jazz series on Saturday nights. The music pours out of the chapel and echoes up the street into our house. Our first few weekends in the house were spent listening to the concerts from the comfort our living room. The images below are from the Old North Church and Grace Community Church.

One of my favorite books I acquired while working at House & Garden was “House of Worship: Sacred Spaces in America“. The book chronicles all types of churches, temples, and mosques around the country. My favorite is the All Saints’ summer church on Orr Island in Maine. A great book if you want to investigate more on religious based architecture.

Old North Church: Marblehead, MA
Grace Community Church: Marblehead, Ma

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  1. Thanks for posting a great view of our church! I hope you've wandered out back to the beautiful memorial garden. It's one of the most peaceful spots in Marblehead. ~ Rev. Wendy von Zirpolo, UU Church of Marblehead.


  2. You are more than welcome at the Unitarian Universalist Church across the street from your home. Do come for a Sunday service (10:30) or stop by on a Wednesday evening (except today – Jan 28 – due to snow) – bring your own supper at 6 pm and meet people, or come at 7 for some program of the week.
    Hugh Stewart


  3. i'm with you on the fascination with churches/mosques/synagogues/all!! i've always been charmed by the history and energy of places of worship. and the architecture is such a marker of location and time.