Neutral and White: Casual Bedrooms

Image Courtesy of Living Ect.

I have a problem. I don’t really know what my style is? I like most every style. I guess the trick is just finding the look that feels right for the space. I am torn from going modern and Swedish for the house or choose more formal pieces mixed with modern pieces for a English bohemian look. I guess I can do both.

Here are some neutral bedrooms that feel more modern then anything. The light colors feel really relaxing and easy to live with. But the question of the day,” Is it to blah”? Will I get bored? I suppose I don’t like rooms that feel half ass and non-committal. I just need to be decisive and go for it. Check out some of my inspiration above and below.

I like the traditional headboards mix into a casual environment.
Image Courtesy of House Beautiful

Great mix of natural materials with jolts of color.
Image Courtesy of Domino

A mix of high end and casual.
Image Courtesy of Domino

I love the stormy gray walls against natural shades and crisp white sheets.
Image Courtesy of Domino

This is shot from a hotel room in England. Simple and full of natural textures.

This rooms feels very New England and casual.
Image Courtesy of Domino

The whitewash headboard is so simple and totally diy friendly.
Image Courtesy of Living Etc.

A screen stands in for traditional headboard giving the room instant texture and height.
Image Courtesy of Living Ect.

An elegant lilac bed doesn’t feel to fussy in a clean minimalist space.
Image Courtesy of Living Ect.

A wood platform bed is masculine and casual adorned with stripe bedding.
Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

Simple line drawing portraits make a simple room feel full of character.
Image Courtesy of Living Ect.

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