First Day

View from my new coffee spot

Today is my first official day as a Marblehead resident and as an unemployed artist. Greg made it out the door this morning with a just a few screams for, “Where are my pants, computer, keys?”. I layed in bed for awhile longer listening to the sounds of mothers walking their children to school. A new school year has the enate quality of a new beginning. I love the feeling of summer closing as the leaves start to fall and we begin to cover ourselves with warm sweaters at night. Fall is always my most productive time of the year. So I begin today as a new start that will hopefully bring lots of happiness, art making, and many new experiences.

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  1. good luck on your new adventure. i'm a little bit jealous of you – as I trudge through hot sweaty brooklyn. sounds like a wonderful new beginning. .


  2. Congratulations on your new beginning … and good luck! I know just what it's like to leave a job in order to pursue more creative endeavors. I'm excited to follow your adventures on your blog.



  3. Welcome back! I have missed your blog! Looking forward to hearing more about your new endeavors.