Astier de Villatte Website

I am getting ready for the Presidential Debates in just a 1/2 hour. While we wait check out this cool website a friend just sent over. Honestly, it took me a minute to figure out why the site was so cool. The website is flash based and you need to hover over different objects to make it come alive. A really fun idea. The website is even sporting my new favorite green! The green looks totally hot with that red dress. Maybe I need a red chair? Check out the site to explore:

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  1. Astier de Villate is one of my favorites stores in Paris.. and they are sold at John Derian and ABC carpet in New York… I have 3 pieces only which I cherish a little plate with dots, a sugar bowl which I use for jewelry and a big tea cup of which I need to get a second so its not too lonely , they are so whimsical and remind me of a time long gone..


  2. Hey Katy, You and I had better not go shopping together—we'd totally blow our budgets on all the same stuff! Astier de Vilatte's pieces are one of my many (many many) obsessions…even better in person than on the website if you can imagine it! They're paper thin and so delicate, too. Using them feels so indulgent!