Old Postcard

Postcard of the House

Front of House

We found this postcard of the house in an old baseball card shop over the weekend. We assume the postcard is from around the early 1900’s. I love the fence around the side of the house and the shutters on all the windows. The original door is shown in this photo. We learned that a drunk driver hit the house in the 80’s and completely took out the corner of the house. Total bummer because the windows above the door look like old bull’s eye windows.

Baseball Card Shop
Old Postcards

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  1. amazing, i can't believe you found this postcard! seems like a sign of good fortune (:

    i love the history tied up in every old east coast home. congratulations on yours!


  2. That was such a great find. How interesting to see the original house, and how it still has kept it's original charm. I hope to join you in the renovation ranks soon. Great blog!