Old Bricks and Cobblestones

Granite Chunks

My second stop on Friday was at some place that had bricks and cobble stones. I don’t even know what to call it. There was nobody there so we were out of luck. My mom told me you can pay the town to take the bricks. The bricks and cobblestones are from old wreck buildings in the town of Portland. You would have no idea this place was here unless someone told you. The bricks are 4 cents each and the cobblestones are $2 each. The bricks are a deal. The cobblestones seem a bit steep. I wanted them to put as a border in my front garden and eventually bordering my driveway. I guess I need to investigate some other sources. The place was interesting though!

Yard of Bricks and Cobblestones

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  1. This place in Portland, Maine has been shut down. Try looking on craigslist for other sources!


  2. Hi Katy,

    Where is this place that you can buy cobblestone and brick? I live in Massachusetts and we are thinking of laying a brick patio.