Dining Chairs: Classic Shapes

I’ve been thinking about what I would like our new dining room to look like. The house is so old that I feel like I need to go with an older classic style. I’ve been eyeing these two styles. Above are antique Windsor chairs that appear August issue of Martha Stewart. I love the simple shape and black finish. I did a quick search and found chairs ranging from $300-$30,000 for individuals and sets. Windsor chairs are classic Americana. Depending on age and set size the price increases.

The chairs below are from my favorite classic kitchen from domino. I’ve been dreaming of the blue penny round tiles in my kitchen for days. The rare set of Thonet Bentwood chairs look totally dreamy in the space. There are number of different Bentwood styles but this is truly my favorite. A similar style is available at Conran for $275 each. My search begins now!

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  1. I love bentwood and have them as our dining room chairs, but I've been looking for two more to be "head of table" chairs and these from the conran store look perfect.


  2. Hi Katy! I just came across your blog while I was searching for inspiration to design a website for work. I must say, I love your blog! I have recently started a similar one myself and it's great to come across someone with such similar interest. I just recently bought my first house as well so I am anxious, overwhelmed, and excited to do projects on the house. I am going to link to your blog, if you don't mind.