Digging Up The Front Garden

Katy tackling a root fest

I have some more photos to share of the renovation from last weekend. In these photos were are digging up the front garden. I pulled out about 6 huge garbage bags of roots from the tree. I just keep digging and digging and finding more roots! It was like a coral reef of roots.

I was digging for two reasons. The dirt came up too close to clapboards on the house. I had to dig down to expose the foundation. If the soil too high the clapboards have the possibility of rotting or could causing bug problems. The second reason was we are preparing to put Endless Summer Hydrangeas all across the front. I have to dig down far enough so that I can bring in a nice healthy layer of top soil. The bright blue color of the hydrangeas in an effect of the ph in the soil. I’ve heard rumors people use to put old nails in the soil to achieve super blue flowers.

The old toolbox (below) we found stuck between the old window and the basement. I’m sure the house will be filled with all kinds of treasures.

Digging out the old window

Old Toolbox

Blue Hydrangeas

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  1. it's true about the nails – my grandfather used to do it! Also using alfoil works too i think