Outdoor Space Ideas for Weddings

I have always imagine getting married outside in the springtime. I’ve hoped that someday the event would be in my backyard filled with close friends and family. Domino just launched a huge new gallery of outdoor rooms that would be great inspiration for a backyard wedding or party. I’ve had the above photo tacked to my bulletin board next to my desk forever. A great mexican fiesta would be so fun and it would give me an excuse to buy tons of gorgeous oaxan textiles and paper flowers. A close second would be an event that felt like a casual afternoon lunch in an englist garden (below). All the looks have a mismatched bohemian quality that I totally love. Check out more outdoor rooms for tons of inspiration: dominomag.com.

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Amanda Peet’s Guest Room

I keep coming back to this bedroom from Amanda Peet’s home pictured in Domino magazine. I love the muted greens layered with various patterned florals and touches of yellow and ruby red accents. I wonder if I could paint something on the walls similar to the motif using a block print and small detailing with a brush. The space just looks so comfortable and lived in. Love! Check out more of Amanda Peet’s house: dominomag.com.

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