Gary Komarin

Someone at House & Garden gave me a book on Gary Komarin a years or so ago. At first, I was kinda whatever about the paintings. But then I realized they are a lot my own paintings. They express a weird abstracted figurative language. Plains of colors and marks are aggressive and feel as though they are made with little regret. I like this guy I realized. I also dig that he uses a lot of pink. My favorite color to work with. He worked under Philip Guston in as a student—you totally feel the influence from Guston’s earlier work. To check out more visit:

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  1. Actually the "book" I have is just press material. The images included were a small collection of images bound together more like a magazine then a book.


  2. What is the name and publisher of your book on Gary Komarin? I'm trying to find a publication on his work.