N.Y. Cake & Baking Supply

I headed downtown to pick up some supplies for my easter cupcakes this afternoon. I stopped by N.Y. Cake & Baking Supply because they always have what I need. This place is amazing, bizarre, and overall convenient in helping get everything I need for my next project in just one stop. The store has a strange tag sale feel that’s makes you wonder how long the hundreds of different paper muffin cups have been hanging from their shelves.

You won’t find fancy looking staff, high-end machines, or overpriced spatulas by some new chef. You’ll mostly find restaurant grade tools and supplies like sheet pans, muffins tins, cake supplies, cookie cutters, pastry bags etc. On my recent visit I scored a perfect off-set spatula, a new biscuit cutter, a bunny cookie cutter, mini loaf pans, a few square cookie cutters for tea sandwiches, and about 20 over-the-top cute sugar carrots for my easter cupcakes.

They have the best edible sugar flowers to make any cake or cupcake look like a work of art. You can see some in the window shot below. The daisies are adorable on a fluffy white birthday cake. Score a dozen for around $3.99. They have a website that doesn’t really do the shop justice. Check it out here: nycake.com.

NY Cake & Baking Supply

56 West 22nd Street

New York, NY

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  1. Thank you, Katy, for sharing this wonderful resource for edible flowers! I'm so appreciative. I visited the website of this shop but no prices…I'll have to visit them next week or call. But, thanks so much once again. Take care, Linda