High-End Houseboat Living

I think one of my boyfriend’s biggest fantasy is to run away and move to some warm destination and live on a houseboat. We saw a lot floating houses on our trip to San Francisco this past fall. They were pretty cool.

I came across this super high end example of a houseboat on Seattle’s Lake Union in Met Home. Houseboats are definitely not the gypsy shacks you would imagine or maybe I imagined. Seattle’s houseboat culture seems to be a mix of super high end architecture and a more homey versions. I guess I always associated houseboats with more seedy types. But it seems more and more people (yuppies) are seeking an alternative lifestyle. And why not? This looks like an amazing place to wake-up every morning. Hmmm maybe Seattle is our new home?

A couple more photo blogs I found with houseboats, a Kayakers tour of Houseboats and Sausalito house boats.

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