Things I Love-02.02.08

Raubon Bedspread, $48,

Here are the things I loved for the week of January 31, 2008. Check out what I ripped, clipped, and feel head over heals for this week. As always some of these products may appear in larger posts or trend reports. Enjoy!

Ikat fabric, “Andijan Washed”,

Danish Viking cup and dish, $42,

Hand Shadow Card Set, $5,

Kerry Cassill, Standard pillowcases, $30,

Oscar de la Renta rug, About $80-$100 per sq foot,

Farmhouse Sink With Adjustable Legs, $1,899,

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  1. Those shadow hand cards are fantastic (and I can afford them. Yay!). I just bought 12 yards of beautiful ikat to cover a chair or small couch for our guesthouse in Marrakech:-)