Suzanne Felsen

For those of you who know me well know: I can be pretty picky. I can “like” a lot of things but I probably won’t love it for myself . Case in point: engagment rings. I want to pick out my own ring but I just can’t decide. So I share with you some of my favorite designers that I have discovered on my search for the perfect “one”.

I really do love Suzanne Felsen’s rings. I’ve never really wanted to wear a diamond. I just don’t care for them they way other girls do. My eyes light up when I see a beautiful colored stones. But with color comes a the decision of what color do I want to wear for the rest of my life? My boyfriend calls these the “clown rings”. Jerk.

All the rings above and below are gorgeous. The are pretty big rings which kinda scares me for everyday. They are total cocktail rings. I’ve thought about using her rings as inspiration and having it scaled down to fit an everyday style. Check out Suzanne Felsen’s site here.

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  1. Nooo they are not clown rings. They are beautiful. Big gemstone rings are in big favour at the mo….I had a citrine ring commission last autumn, I liked it so much I'm thinking of making myself one :-)


  2. Hi Katy!

    I've come across your blog a couple of times through a couple of different sources, and so this time I thought I would let you know how much of your story seems to be similar to mine.

    All your house renovations remind me so much of ours! Especially how the projects just grow and grow…! We too had to gut our bathroom in the middle of winter — no insulation, -35, a cast iron tub. Our only bathroom!

    Anyways, to the matter at hand.

    I too love coloured stones and am indifferent to diamonds (and would never wear a blood diamond). I've been searching high and low for many years, but my favourite ring, the image of which I have sadly lost!, was in the first issue of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. If you can get your hands on an issue, please, PLEASE, post a picture!

    The ring was a square channel-set eternity ring style with each stone a different colour (that way, you never get tired of a colour and it never clashes). It was beautiful and unexpected. The ring came from Primavera Gallery in New York, which sells mostly one-off pieces I think.

    Love all your categories, and best of luck with the house!

    (p.s., Just LOVE the look of the stripped wood in the den — since I have been spending so much time in Scandinavia, and since you say that the room gets very little light, I would tend to go with an ethereal Donald Kaufman shade of white for the plaster wall (leaving the stripped wood bare, and just coated with oil), which will bounce around a lot of white, or if you are trying to achieve coziness, I would go with a saturated Belgian greigey shade — check out some Belgian design books. But, that is just me!)


  3. WOW! These rings are fabulous, great find. Calling them clown rings is definitely something my hubs would say too, jerko's!