Roberta Roller Rabbit

Step into Roberta Roller Rabbit from the busy streets of Manhattan and you will be instantly transported to an island oasis. Bright textiles and graphic Indian inspired punchy prints can be found oozing out of this Upper East Side boutique. Tall shelves are fully stocked with fabrics, tunics, tablecloths, PJ’s, and bedspreads lining the entire perimeter. Every time I visit I always seem to pick up a new fun tunic for myself or for a friend’s upcoming birthday.

The thing I love the most about this store is that you can buy the fabrics in upholstery grade fabric ($15-$20 a yard) for use on chairs, benches, curtains. Check out all the great prints available above and below. The store does not sell online so you do you have visit their store. Totally worth the trip.

3.1.10 Update: Roberta Roller Rabbit now has an online store.

Roberta Roller Rabbit
1019 Lexington Ave
at 73rd Street
New York, NY

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