Glass Birds

Beautiful handmade glass birds by artists Oiva Toikka and Giorgio Vigna are my hidden favorite tchotchkes. Oiva Toikka has been designing and constructing these hand blown glass birds (shown below) for the past 30 years exclusively for the Finnish company Iittala.

Iittala has recently introduced a new generation of Iittala Birds designed by the Italian artist and jewelry designer Giorgio Vigna. Birds in Giorgoio’s Collection are very angular and sculptural (above). I think all the birds are stunning. Perfect for perching on a credenza, bookshelf, or a mantle.

Let me get back to why this is hidden. I’m not a tchotchke kind of person. I tend to only buy things that serve a purpose beyond just being decorative. As I write this post my boyfriend is looking over my shoulder saying, “Please don’t buy any those stupid birds.” I like them. Maybe just one would be perfect for my house? Buy yourself a hidden please by clicking here. I also found this slightly metallic owl variation on

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