Beethoven Plaster Bust, 11 1/2″.

I have been thinking a lot about marble busts lately. Busts feel so classic and timeless. I remember my mom buying me a bust of Beethoven to place on my piano. I gazed at the small little bust and thought how beautiful it was. Now I dream of busts sitting on my make believe fireplace or dresser. In Blueprint this month, they showed a bust of Diana with necklaces draped around her neck. Try scarves and hats for an equally inventive organizational method.

Now a days you don’t have to buy a real marble bust to get this classic look. Now most inexpensive busts are made using a plaster type cast. Look to spend around a $100 for a mid-sized bust. My picks above and below. The busts I’ve chosen are from two different sites: statues.com and sculpturechest.com.

Artemis (Diana), 12″ tall, $73.50.

Apollo, 8″ tall, $33.71

Aphrodite of Melos, 8″ tall, $33.71

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  1. The source is statues.com website, I purchased the Diana bust and I have to admit the quality is superb not plaster finish as we seen around but a nice smooth white marble surface…Excellent!!!


  2. Does that issue of Blueprint list the source for the Diana bust? I don't have that issue, but saw that bust on a blog and I love it. Thanks.


  3. I have revised the text above to make it a little more clear where I found these busts.