Tufted Headboards

August 2006, House & Garden

I have been thinking a lot about tufted headboards. Pretty, sophisticated, and timeless. I think tufted headboards will definitely have some staying power in my constantly changing design style. Check out a few of my favorites that I have been dreaming about.

December 2007, Domino. I would want the fabric to have a little reflection of purple and then it would be perfect.

April 2006, Domino. Crazy color is right up my alley. Problem is everything I own is a bright color. My bedroom will end looking like a disco not a sanctuary.

November 2007, House & Garden. I love the structure and shape of this bed. The rolling on the sides is quite appealing and different. The white is a bit blah but it’s a color that will always work.

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  1. Just curious.. do you happen to know where these two lovely beds came from?