My Favorite Holiday Cards 2007

Kate Spade’s Cookie Card is my absolute favorite. I believe cookies can save the world or at least make people happy for a moment. Unfortunately, I snagged the last box of 15 for $30 at Kate’s Paperie. If you really can’t live without out the cookie cards, you can order a customized set at
Check out my next favorite twelve below.

From top left: Angel Holiday Cards , 8 cards, $18. Carrot & Stick’s Trees, 8 cards, $16.50. Pancake & Franks Antlers, single card, $5. Egg Press’s Cheer Cloud, 6 cards, $17.

From top left: Two Turtle Doves, 6 cards, $24. Egg Press’s Winter Greetings, 6 cards, $17. Blue Ribbon’s Merry Christmas, 6 cards, $16. Eloquent Ink Cedar, 8 cards, $15.

From top left: Snow & Graham’s Warm Wishes, 6 cards for $12.50. Snow & Graham’s Warm Wishes Mittens, 6 cards, $15. Egg Press’s Giraffe Merry, 6 cards, $16. Sesame Letterpress’s Peace On Earth, 1 card, $5.95

Be sure to check out Poppytalk’s 2007 holiday cards round-up.

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