Ingrid Calame

g-kgg-kooo-kggkooo-kggkoo, 2003. Enamel on aluminum.

The good thing about cleaning out my studio is: I finally having the room to paint again and I am finding all kinds of great inspiration I have collected over the years. I found an announcement for Ingrid Calame’s show at James Cohan Gallery from back in 2003. I had this announcement tacked up on my bulletin board forever. I have always enjoyed Ingrid’s work and the story behind each of the painting makes the work even more enticing. Each of the paintings is a tracing of marks and spots she finds on the street. Watch a fascinating video of Ingrid explaining the process behind her work by clicking here.

Trace 1, 2006. Etching with chine colle

Bb-AAghch!, 2003. Enamel on aluminum.

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