I picked up the final issue of Blueprint in Grand Central yesterday. The cover looks great. I was so sad that Jan/Feb issue would be their last. I like many others didn’t really like Blueprint when it first came out. The mag felt unorganized and just seemed to lack a clear vision. But the mag grew and definitely found it’s footing. It quickly became one of my favorites.

I really like that each month that had some kind of DIY projects that didn’t feel like DIY. Each project was always clever and chic. Best of luck to the staff. I have heard a rumor that the staff will continue with their Bluelines blog. Great stuff and ideas…a definite bookmark!

But let’s take one last look at the cover. I so dug that custom made dresser using clip art. I am thinking of buying two dressers and doing a horizontal art piece to join the two! So smart!

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Forcing Bulbs

This afternoon I planted some paperwhites and pink hyacinths bulbs around the apartment. The smell is so refreshing and enticing in the dead of winter. It’s fun to see the bulbs grow each day and eventually bloom. Last year, I woke in the middle of the night to literally hearing the paperwhites bursting from their blossoms.

FYI wear gloves when planting hyacinths. Every year I forget and wonder why I am itching all over my hands, face, and neck. The hyacinth evokes itching in practically everyone: an irritant reaction caused by calcium oxalate crystals. Wear gloves and you’ll avoid this fate.

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