Thanksgiving Table

A traditional heirloom turkey platter by Johnson Brothers can be found in antique stores and on $150-$250 depending on age and condition. On the right, a pure linen tablecloth is accented with a garland of flowers that evokes an elegant event. $170,

Rich earthy brown pheasant feathers bundled in vases create offbeat center pieces.
WS Home collaborated with Spode to create these festive oak-leaf-and-acorn garland earthenware. Set of 4 plates, $88.

Add a touch of whimsy to the table. Peacock feathers under gold-rimmed plate will infuse a little humor into the evening. $28,
A folky take: illustrated nordic print porcelain plates featuring a wise owl in the center. Try layering these plates with existing china if the look seems to over the top. Set of 4 plates, $152.

Let the seasons colors infuse into your table settings. Gather gourds, baby pumkins, squashes and clementines and arrange in various compotes along your table or buffet.
I love these wood pedestals for cheeses on a buffet. The pedestal adds height and the wood gives the buffet a rich earthy feel. Buy a few and scatter around the room. $35,

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